Smart Devices for the IoT World

With Less-Wire the future begins. We are developing, producing and selling smart devices for the IoT world. Our focus is low-power wireless devices and network infrastructures.

Our main expertices are within the following domains:

Wireless Long-range networks like LTE, SigFox, LoRaWAN, and short-range networks like WiFi, Zigbee, BLE. Many of our products support multiple technologies at the same time, being adaptive and fault tolerant.
Low-power Devices powered by solar panels. Most small devices not transmitting data frequently can be powered by using energy harvesting technology.
Security Data you receive are secured by state-of-art cryptographic solutions for the avoidance of attacks. You must be able to trust the data you receive from your devices.
Sensors Devices typically have multiple sensors, which may include GPS receiver, camera, microphone, infrared sensor, wind speed/direction. 
Big data All your data are stored in the cloud and we develop browser based and app based interfaces for accessing your data and for configuration of your system.


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